How it works is a tool to advertise, sell and learn skills.

Introductory Videos

Welcome to the front page.

On the front page you will see information about us, previews of videos from the Skills online and Business and Products sections. You can select videos to view or sign up to become a member of our community.



Post comments and buy skills

For the first 8 months, promote businesses/services or sell skills for FREE

Promoter - $3.99 USD/yr

Allows you to post 10 videos of your businesses and products. You can renew the videos as long as there are no more than 10 videos at a time. It also has the benefits of a Free membership which means you can also purchase skills and leave reviews on videos.

Teacher - $3.99 USD/yr

Has the benefits of a Promoter membership, with the added advantage of being able to sell your skill online.

TeacherPlus - $19.99 USD/yr

Has the benefits of a Teacher membership, with the added advantage of being able to sell up to 5 of your skills online. Once you become a member you can upload 10 videos about your business, service and products. You can explain where your business is located, what you are selling, as well as how your products work.

Paid membership includes the following and are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Ability to explain to people where your business is, what you are selling and teach DIY projects. In the description you can write the name, location and your website (if you have one). If you are a registered vendor, you can add your link to your profile in our community. You cannot post a profile from other video platforms to BazaarRoom. You have to read and sign our legal and policy form when you sign up for membership.

    You can search business/products by location and categories. You can translate pages by clicking Google translate.

  • No subscription refunds will be processed by

    After signing up, you will upload your credentials (certificates, diplomas, work experience and

    additional TRUE information to attract potential clients). Once you have completed registration, upload a promo video of you to showcase your skills. You can upload videos on the business and products page and include a link to your page.

  • All videos and profile information you upload will take up to 24 hours for approval by admin after payment.

    Select your preferred methods of payment (up to 5) so your clients will know what methods you are using. ALL PAYMENTS ARE DIRECT TRANSACTIONS BETWEEN VENDOR AND CLIENT, AND AS SUCH BAZAARROOM TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY. However a client can report a vendor if there is proof of misrepresentation.

    If you are selling a skill online, put the price for 30 min and for 1 hr sessions. When the client contacts you, they will have limited chat time to talk about their needs/ interests, the time to start your session and method of payment. The client will then make a payment directly to you and you will contact him/her(client) and start the session. When the session is complete, the skill seller will make a payment of $1.99 to our website for streaming services.

  • If you don't make the payment of $1.99 for streaming, streaming services will be disabled until payments are up to date.

    If you do not wish to work with a specific client again, you can report him/her and/or block him/her from future communication.

    You may restore the client access at any time.